[MSO] WAU! Kite Festival

Date: Saturday, May 6 at 1 PM – 5 PM

Venue: Fellows Oval

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Attendance: 70+

Amazed? Don’t be; Wau simply translates to a traditional kite from Malaysia. In collaboration with MASCA (Malaysian Student Council of Australia) and KUAC (Kelab Umno Australia Canberra), a kite fest was held to teach members about kite flying. There was hands-on learning on how to make kites as well as industry-standard ready-made ones for those who just want the chance to fly one on the day. All materials were privided for kite manufacturing and as always, food was provided in the form of an aussie barbeque. The day wasn’t as windy as we’d hoped that it’d be but everyone that was there had a blast watching those that were lucky enough to be airborne.