[MSO] Welcoming Reception: Malaysian Kampung

Date: Friday, August 4 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Venue: Kinloch Unilodge

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Attendance: 200+

A welcoming back for members new and old at the start of a new semester in the second half of the year. Once again, a free event for all MSO members, with the theme being the kampung (village) in Malaysia where you can expect the root of all traditional cultures and cuisines. A great opportunity especially for new students to meet new friends and for existing friends to stumble across each other. Various classic games played during our youth in the village are also available with lucky draw tickets to be won, perfect for bonding on a night which promises great prizes. And as the recent trends suggests, we’ve arranged a spicy food eating challenge for a few brave volunteers; all of which were eligible for the prizes in store. The food that we served was also spicy, which recieved a bit of complaints and resulted in the beverage stock to empty before the event ended.