[MSO] Merdeka in Canberra

Date: Saturday, September 2 at 10 AM – 3 PM

Venue: Pop-Up Village

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Attendance: 80+

Celebrating Merdeka (Malaysia’s national and independence day) with our fellow Malaysian students here at ANU. A free event for all MSO members, providing a goodie bag upon arrival and serving nasi lemak and sirap bandung for lunch. A speed-friending activity served as an opening to break the ice and meet new friends. Since it’s a celebration of our united multicuturalism, a traditional clothes fashion show was held with gifts for all participants. Gifts could also be won in a trivia on all things Malaysian; to share a bit of our background especially to our non-Malaysian members. Finally, a delicious and overloaded cake was shared to commemorate 60 years of independence. The attendance wasn’t too impressive, mostly because it was the morning of the weekend after the mid-semester exam session ended, which was unlucky because of the venue booking and the time constraint that we had.