[SSA] Night Market

Date: Thursday, April 26 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Venue: Llewellyn Hall

Servings Sold: 120 meal boxes of Mee Goreng (100 Chicken, 20 Vegetarian), 150 pieces of Cekedok, 100 pieces of Samosa, 180+ cups of Teh Tarik

SSA (the Singapore Student Association) is back again with their annual night market event with other language and culture clubs to sell their local delicacies. Because of the new relocation (due to the reworking of Union Court), we didn’t plan to sell as much as last year. This year we sold some “Mee Goreng” (stir fried noodles), accompanied with “Cekedok” (fried banana snack) and “Samosa” (minced vegetables in a baked shell) as well as our signature “Teh Tarik” (pulled tea with condensed milk). Aside from the heated food sales, there were live street performances which really captured the heart of the night market feel in South East Asia.

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