[MSO] Bonfire Night

Date: Saturday, April 28 at 7:30 – 9:00 PM

Venue: Forestry Fire Pit

Attendance: 80+

Catered: 150+ Snack Bags, 40+ Cups of Hot Chocolate, 120 Donuts

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

As the night grew cold, MSO started their annual bonfire at the Forestry fire pit. Upon arrival, members were asked to pay a small gold coin donation for a campfire snack bag starter kit that composed of a stick, some marshmallows, chocolates and biscuits to make quality s’mores. Additionally, donuts from Donut Department were provided a long with original Swiss Miss flavored hot chocolate.  Unfortunately the extension cable at the Forestry Venue was faulty, which prevented the use of electrical appliances except for the sound system. Thus the hot chocolate took a while to prepare as heating water with a stove required a lot of time. Recommend future committee members to bring and use kettles instead. Compared to the first year, there were no games and an absence of prizes, which didn’t allow for interactions with everyone in the event. But aside from that, the voluntary performances from our members as well as our committee completed the bonfire experience for a toasty night that we’ll never forget.

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