[MSO] Eatathon

Date: Thursday, May 10th at 6:30 – 8 PM

Venue: Kinloch Unilodge 5th Floor Kitchen

Participants: 27 (Including 2 from the MSO Committee)

Attendance: +70

Catered: 100 pieces of Spring Rolls, Teh Tarik, Apple Juice

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

The Eatathon was a new spicy-speed-eating competition brought to you entirely by our subcommittee. Working together they were able to successfully pull of a great event albeit nearing the end of the semester. The turn out was truly reflective of that, being surprisingly better than what was expected. Due to the venue constraints, the event had to be held on the 5th floor kitchen of Kinloch Unilodge which was a bit tricky to enter and find for those who were unfamiliar with the building’s security and floor map. As for the event, participants who wished to join the eating competition had to register a week in advanced for one of the limited 27 spots. On the day of the event, 4 participants had pulled out but were substituted in by attendees and also our own MSO committee members. There were nine matches in total with three cuisines on the menu. The mee goreng stir-fried noodle dish was made up of three packets of Indomie instant noodles. The nasi sambal dish composed rice stir-fried with a chilli paste and a boiled egg on the side. Finally the roti canai dish had four servings with complementary dal spicy dipping paste. The audience were also served spring rolls with teh tarik or apple juice throughout the course of the event.  After each match, the was victor given a cash prize for their accomplishment.

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