[ANUSA] Night Market: Temptations

Date: Monday, July 23 at 7:30 PM

Venue: ANU School of Art & Design

Servings Sold: 40 plates of Chicken Rendang, 28 plates of Vegetable Curry and 120+ cups of Teh Tarik

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

ANUSA starts Bush Week with a bang at their cozy night market event with a few other language and culture clubs to sell their local delicacies at night stalls. This time around, it was set at a new venue, which was also relatively far from any accomodation establishment, thus we didn’t plan to  to sell as much as other market events. On site, we sold some “Chicken Rendang” (traditional yet controversial coconut and spice infused chicken stew) and “Vegetable Curry” (an assortment of mixed vegetable simmered in rich coconut curry). Both of which were accompanied with complementary Teh Tarik (pulled tea with condensed milk). We were lucky enough to have our stall indoors, which allowed us to stay relatively warm thoughout the event. We also had access to a storage room immediately behind us that had a place for us to keep our bags and supplies, not to mention conveniently get water from as well. Accounting for all these factors, it would seem that we would have had a lot left over, however we were able to sell out the Chicken Rendang fairly quicky, leaving a fair bit of Vegetable Curry left, which is to be expected. It should be noted that the Chicken Rendang controversy earlier in the year and the Teh Tarik pulling display played a large impact in attracting customers and making the event a success.

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