[PARSA] Big Day

Date: Saturday, July 28 at 11 AM – 3 PM

Venue: ANU School of Music

Servings Catered: 80 Bowls of Bihun TomYam and 80 Cups of Teh Tarik

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

PARSA’s (Postgraduate and Research Student Association’s) semi-annual free event invites language clubs and societies to cater food to their participants. This time around, MSO gave out Bihun TomYam (spicy and sour rice vermicelli noodle soup) and Teh Tarik (pulled tea with condensed milk). Although TomYam did not originate from Malaysia, it was a nice dish that had a fusion of South East Asian culture in it’s presentation. Both the Bihun TomYam and Teh Tarik received great feedback from our customers and acknowledgement from many of PARSA’s committee members. Although the turnout was medium to low as expected, we were relieved that we had an ample amount to serve at the event. However, this event initiated with a shortage of tea bags, thus supply was forced to be discontinued early to prevent the serving of inauthentic tea that may have affected our reputation if we had continued. But Overall, the event was moderately lively due to the presence of children with their families and middle-eastern themed live performances.

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