[MSO] Welcoming Reception: Kopitiam

Date: Sunday, Aug 5th, 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Venue: Pop-up Village

Attendance: 179

New Member Sign-ups: 51

Servings Catered: 225+ cups of Teh Tarik, 125 pieces of Ayam Masak Merah, 1kg of Bok Choi, 125 pieces of Spring Roll, 125 of Vegetarian Drumsticks, 125 pieces of Chicken Wing.

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

The largest Malaysian students’ gathering at the start of the second semester, MSO’s Welcoming Reception was everyone’s chance to meet old friends as well as make new ones. This semester’s theme paid tribute to Malaysia’s throwback cafe / hawker centers, giving Malaysians a taste and feel of home and everyone else an experience of the essence of SouthEast Asia. The photo booth consisted of pictures from typical menus in Malaysia with a TV aimlessly playing old hokkien drama. There were three booths this time, Chinese chess, taste testing and a tea pulling booth. Each of them allowed participants to win lucky-draw tickets if they were successful in their attempt. There was a Teh Tarik stand running throughout the event to offer members a hot beverage with a live demonstration of it’s preparation. Unlike last semester when the Syrup simply ran out too quickly, this time around we were well prepared using up 10 cans of condensed milk and 150+ bags of tea to make a little over 200 servings. Later that evening, we served rice with Ayam Masak Merah (chicken simmered in spicy tomato paste), Bok Choi (stir fried vegetables), Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Drumsticks and Chicken Wings. Originally we meant to have a few of these as starters, however a shortage in food meant that we reserved them to be served together as a whole for dinner. This allowed us to cater more than enough, leaving excess Chicken Wings that we had to split amongst ourselves and with a few of the members at the end of the event. As for stage games, the order remembering game stole the show when participants were asked to repeat customized orders made by a volunteer audience. Kopitiam veterans in the crowd showed off their ordering skills and made the participants work for their prizes. All in all, the atmosphere was lively and it seemed that the food and drinks received high praise all around, all of which indicated that this event was another success.