[MSO] Movie Night: The Journey

Date: Saturday, Aug 18th, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Venue: China in the World Lecture Theater

Attendance: 49

New Member Sign-ups: 20

Servings Catered: 7.5L of soda (five flavors), 50 small packets of premade salted popcorn, 60 small packets of various-flavored chips, 48 packets of crunchy noodle snack.

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

This journey took MSO members – former and new – to the China in the World Lecture Theater, where attendees further traveled to different places in Malaysia that were featured in the heart-warming story screened that night. ‘The Journey’ is a 2014 Malaysian comedy-drama film that follows a father that finally allows her daughter to wed an English lad with the condition that he shall follow him on a journey around the nation to deliver their wedding invitations. As of 2018, ‘The Journey’ is currently ranked the third-highest grossing Malaysian film of all-time. Those who joined the session were able to escape the cold rain outside and found comfort in the lightly heated hall among fellow audience members. In typical cinematic fashion, movie-goers were given the option of purchasing a snack combo: a cup of their choice in soda and 3 different flavored packets of snacks, which succeeded in setting the appropriate mood for the event to come. Compared to a more social event like the Welcoming Reception from earlier in the month, this event was a very peaceful one where chatter about the movie were shared as everyone commented that it was like they had completed a brief trip back home – kudos to the movie and company. Though there were a few technical difficulties throughout the screening, we appreciated the patience from our audience and the teamwork displayed by the committee. To say the event went off without a hitch would be incorrect, but the support shown by everyone present was one of the influential highlights of the night. All things considered, the happy faces of the members as they exited the premise indicated that they enjoyed the event: movies, snacks, and all.

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