[MSO x SSA] Ball: A Royal Affair

Date: Tuesday, Sept 25th, 6:30PM – 10:00PM

Venue: University House

Attendance: 100+ with representatives from High Comm, MASCA, KUAC were present

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Teaser Video: Available here on Facebook

The biggest event MSO hosted for this year was in collaboration SSA. The theme of the ball was ‘A Royal Affair’ after the hit movie of the year ‘Crazy, Rich Asians’. It was a night where everyone got to dress up royally and enjoy themselves with all of the party-goers. Good food, free flow of drinks, stunning performances, and an incredible photo booth were all entailed in this memorable night. A teaser video promoting the event beforehand truly captured the night that was to come, and it is true to say that everyone had a great time closing the ball by dancing away with their friends to a groovy playlist.

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