[MSO x ANU Karaoke] Karaoke Night

Date: Monday, Sept 3rd, 8:00PM – 11:00PM

Venue: Pop-up Village

Attendance: 35+

Karaoke Night was proudly brought to you by a collaboration with ANU’s Karaoke club. It was a night full of singing, cheering and fun. Unfortunately since it was a tuesday night in the middle of Week 9, the turn out was significantly less that usual, which was to be expected. There were no entry fees for this joint event and because of this, there wasn’t any food provided as well. The event was meant for members to unwind and relieve stress. There were a number of spectacular performance from the members of both clubs and their committees as well. Overall the event went quite well dispite a bumpy start, the atmosphere was appropriately lively albeit the lack of attendance and we were fortunate to have a quite a few talented singers that simply blew our minds away.