[MSO] Annual General Meeting

Date: Friday, October 12 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Venue: Law Lecture Theater

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

AGM Rules and Regulations: Available here on Google Docs

MSO has had a large sum of events this year and this AGM (annual general meeting) serves to recap them all. We got some insight into what happened behind the scenes and the elected a new MSO lineup for 2019. Candidates had until a few days prior to nominate themselves for their respective positions. Although there was not a lot of nominations this year, a lot of the current committees volunteered to be nominated from the floor in response to the lack of nominees. This event was surely an important meeting for passing down legacy to future generation, opened exclusively to our beloved members. As all event goes, this one is no exception; food and beverages were provided in the form of an assortment of finger food, takoyaki and tempura as well as curry with bread accompanied by various juices and sodas.

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