[MSO] Welcoming Reception: Kampung Canberra

Date: Thursday, March 7, 6:00 PM ā€“ 9:00 PM

Venue: School of Music, The Atheneum

Attendance: 171

New Member Sign-ups: 110

Servings Catered: 40 bottles of soft drinks, 150 packs of Nasi Goreng with spring rolls.

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Every start of the semester, we gather to welcome new members of MSO and mingle with everyone at the Welcoming Reception. This semester’s theme was Kampung Canberra, with hopes to let members feel at home with their fellow Malaysians here in Canberra. There were 3 booths set up for the event, one was for MASCA, along with the other 2 game booths which were Water Pong and Word Finding. Those who managed to beat the games in the shortest amount of time would receive prizes, so some members got competitive for a chance to win. Everyone was also entertained by the performances and board games throughout the night. Dinner that was served is a Malaysian favorite: Nasi Goreng with spring rolls, with soft drinks and water as beverages. After a good night of socializing, the event ended with a prize-giving for the members who won games. This was MSO’s first time organizing an event in the School of Music, so there were a few aspects of the event that needed to improve, specifically the sound system and booth placement. Despite that, everyone still had a blast and the atmosphere all night was nothing short of the classic Malaysian warmth. Overall, it was a highly successful event that managed to provide a platform for Malaysian and non-Malaysian members to meet and interact.

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