[MSO] Bonfire Night

Date: Saturday, May 4 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Venue: Forestry Fire Pit

Attendance: 81

New Member Sign-ups: 12

Servings Catered: 3 tins of hot chocolate, 1.5kg of marshmallows, 200 chicken wings, 80 sesame balls, and 60 spring rolls

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

With the weather becoming colder and assignments piling in, this Bonfire Night was organized to provide some warmth for the body and mind of our members. Attendees gathered around the crackling fire pit for a relaxing night of good food and good company. Hot chocolate was served alongside several finger foods from Ming’s Pantry such as spring rolls, chicken wings, and sesame balls – all of which garnered positive reviews. True to the bonfire spirit, marshmallows were also provided for attendees to roast at the fire pit. Moreover, apart from being able to catch up with friends, attendees also enjoyed several beautiful acoustic performances that tied together the overall chill vibes of the night. In essence, Bonfire Night was a successful event which provided attendees a brief break from studies, rejuvenating them to push through the rest of the academic semester.

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