[MSO x CBE] Alumni Career Panel

Date: Friday, May 10 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Venue: Hayden Allen Tank, ANU

Attendance: 52

Servings Catered: Rice spring rolls, fried spring rolls, and iced tea

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

In collaboration with CBC, this event featured five alumni from ANU and UC who shared their experiences and wisdom. The panel was a great opportunity to discuss life after graduation and address questions from the current students who attended as audience members. Panellists, Azwin Zamri and Jakob Voo, are fresh graduates who encouraged students to begin exploring different fields during their studies – via volunteering or part-time jobs. Panellists, Iris Jia, Hao, and name, advised students to not be disheartened if their job applications have been rejected the first few rounds. Both sides have emphasised that the best way to handle university and post-university life is to keep trying; view ‘failures’ as ‘lessons’ and to never take set-backs too harshly as success will come with perseverance and hard-work. The event ended with snacks provided by MSO which allowed attendees to network with the panel members and further interact with one another over snacks and a drink.

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