[MSO] Spring BBQ

Date: Thursday, September 12 at 11AM – 1PM

Venue: Lennox Gardens

Attendance: 41

Servings Catered: Hot Dogs, hash browns, bread and a variety of juices

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Our Sem 2 subcommittee members planned a BBQ brunch in the park. Given that the weather was slightly colder than expected and that it was the mid-semester break, the turn-out was slightly smaller than most of previous events this year. However, that just meant we had plenty for second (and even third!) rounds of food for those who came. An ice breaker and a drawing game created a fun environment for attendees to interact. Numerous jokes were made before the sun finally came out in time for the BBQ to be cooked. MSO did bring a frisbee to play with but the wind was not cooperating – though it was funny when we did try! The event had a very homey feel and ended on a high note with everyone stuffed and happy.

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