[MSO] Social Night

Date: Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Venue: ANU Union Bar

Attendance: 90

New Member Sign-ups: 2

Servings Catered: 4 ‘Just Chillin’ Platters, 4 ‘YOLO’ Platters and $200 bar tab

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Good food, free drinks, interactive games, nostalgic music and cool prizes; Social Night could be summarised just like that. The aim of Social Night was to give members an escape from the stress of studying and completing assignments, providing them with a venue to chill and socialise. The event was open to members as well as non-members through a gold coin donation. Plenty of finger food was served during the night, and a set bar tab of $200 allowed the first 40 attendees to get a free drink. A playlist that was curated by song recommendations from members was being played throughout the event. The first game was a word matching game, and up to 8 pairs who were the fastest to find their match were given an extra lucky draw ticket. The second game of the night was a music guessing game. Each team took turns to send out a volunteer who had to listen to a song and act out the song, while everyone else tried to guess its name. The winning team with most points received a prize. Later in the night, a lucky draw session was conducted, with three prizes that were up for grabs, one of them being more than $50 in value. The event ended earlier than expected, but there were still people who stayed to chill and chat. Overall, everything ran smoothly and the turnout was satisfactory despite it being such a busy week for everyone.

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