[MSO x MASCA] Malaysia Challenge Cup

Date: Saturday, October 5 at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Venue: ANU Sports

Attendance: 45 (players and spectators)

Servings Catered: 2 bottles of Isotonic drinks and a bag of mandarins per team

Image Gallery: Available here on Google Drive

In collaboration with MASCA’s Sports division, we organised a sports tournament. This futsal cup featured 4 teams (2 Malaysian, 1 Singaporean Mixed, and 1 China team) battling it out in the courts for the coveted trophy. 6 preliminary matches were played in rotation before the 3rd placing match and the Finals. In the end, China won bronze, Malaysia 1 won silver, and Malaysia A won gold. Special recognition were given to the Best Goalkeeper, Top Scorer, and Best Player; trophies were awarded to these individuals. MASCA provided trophies and medals thanks to sponsorship from Vanguard Malaysia, and MSO sponsored the isotonic drinks and mandarins. It was a never before done event for both committees and it was certainly a pleasure to be able to collaborate for it. All teams and spectators experienced adrenaline rushes for the day, and it was great to hear that everyone had just as much of a blast as we had organising it.

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