[MSO X MASCA] Welcome Reception 1: Mamak Night

Date: Friday, February 28, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Venue: Marie Reay Superfloor (LVL 6)

Attendance: 154

New Member Sign-ups: 101

Servings Catered: 50 servings of fried rice (25 vegans, 25 vegetarians), 200 servings of curry chicken and coconut rice, 220 chicken skewers, 170 curry puffs, 24 bottles of soft drinks

Image Gallery: Available here on Facebook

Every start of each semester, we gather to welcome new members of MSO to meet and mingle with everyone at the Welcome Reception. The theme for this Welcome Reception was Mamak Night, where everyone joined in casually to have a relaxed and friendly conversation to know each other more. We collaborated with MASCA with hopes that more Malaysians understand how MASCA functions and realized such organisation with huge benefits do exist.

We had two different booths, handling two separate registrations, one for MSO and one for MASCA. During the event, there was a speech from the president, Veena Lai, where she gave a clear and crisp speech to explain MSO and another speech from MASCA, Saira Ambrose, where she too gave a speech, clarifying the differences between MSO and MASCA. After the speech, we had KAHOOT! game/quiz session about random Malaysian knowledge, where contestants joined in using their phones and battle it out! The three highest score winners won useful and functional prizes!

Following an intense brain session, participants were fed with delicious Malaysian food! After interviewing a few participants, they complimented how delicious the curry chicken with coconut rice and chicken skewers! Later dinner, a lucky draw was held to pick out winners and the grand prize was a Bluetooth speaker! At last, the event came to an end where everyone had a blast with Malaysian warmth. Overall, the event managed to turn out successfully even the COVID-19 situation, where it provided a platform for new Malaysians arriving in Canberra to meet new friends.

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