[MSO] Welcoming Reception 2: Rumah Terbuka

Date: Friday, Aug 7th, 8:00PM – 10:00PM

Venue: Zoom

Attendance: 49

At the start of each semester, we gather to welcome new members of MSO to meet and mingle with everyone at the Welcome Reception. As this was an unusual semester due to COVID-19, we decided to have our Welcoming Reception on Zoom. The theme for this Welcome Reception was Rumah Terbuka, where everyone joined in to play some games and get to know each other.

To encourage more participants for an online event, we gave out prices for the first 30 people who joined the Zoom call. Speeches were given by Dr Ross from the ANU Malaysian Institute, and Mr Fareed, the acting High Commissioner of Malaysia. Tina, the emcee, then gave a brief introduction about what we would be doing before participants were invited to breakout rooms for ice breakers before being shuffled around again for games.

In each breakout room, participants could decide on playing either Among Us, Family Style or Skribbl.io. After the game session, we brought everyone back to the main room and played a round of KAHOOT about random Malaysian knowledge. Three of the highest score winners were taken note of and given prize vouchers after the event. Lastly, a lucky draw session was held to pick out winners. The lucky draw winners were also contacted after the event to be emailed e-vouchers.

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