[MSO x SSA x VSA x ISA] Interclub Sports Day 1

Date: Saturday, September 12, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Venue: O’Connor Oval

We collabed with three other student associations: Indonesian Students’ Association (ISA), Singapore Students’ Association (SSA) and Vietnamese Students’ Association (VSA) for Interclub Sports Day. We decided to split the event into two days where members can represent its respective associations to play soccer and frisbee on Day 1, and play badminton and captain ball on Day 2.

On Day 1, the weather was sunny and perfect for the members to play soccer and frisbee! We started late on that day due to complicated reasons but the event ran smoothly eventually. Due to not enough participants from SSA and ISA, we decided to combine the players from SSA and ISA and invited another team from Toad Hall.

Two matches started at the same time to decide who to play in the finals. The scores as below are:

MSO 5 : Toad Hall 4

VSA 3 : ISA & SSA 2

And the score for the finals are:

MSO 2 : VSA 5

Overall, the event went smoothly and everyone had a fun time!

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