After the 2019 MSO AGM (Annual General Election), we’re pleased to welcome the new MSO committee of 2020:

Executive Committee:

  • President: Jing Rou Lai
  • Vice-President: Tina Gopalan
  • Secretary: Kai Ping Tan
  • Treasurer: Muhammad Ikhmal Jasmi

General Director Committee and Subcommittee Members:

  • Design & Photography Director: Natasha Chong
    • Subcommittee members: Crystal Lee
  • Marketing Director: Michelle Chang, Yu Heng Cheah
    • Subcommittee members: Kyra Jay, Nurin Adibah
  • Liaison & Sponsorship Director: Wei Hao Leong, Wei En Tiong
    • Subcommittee members: Marcus Wong, Loh Ying
  • Resource Director: Kelly Yong
    • Subcommittee members: Edgar Leong

We’d also like to bid farewell to the outgoing MSO Committee of 2019 and wish the new committee all the best moving forward.