After the 2019 MSO AGM (Annual General Election), we’re pleased to welcome the new MSO committee of 2020:

Executive Committee:

  • President: Jing Rou Lai
  • Vice-President: Tina Gopalan
  • Secretary: Kai Ping Tan
  • Treasurer: Muhammad Ikhmal bin Jasmi

General Directors and General Representatives:

  • Design & Photography Director: Natasha Chong
  • Marketing Directors: Michelle Chang, Yu Heng Cheah
  • Liaison & Sponsorship Directors: Wei Hao Leong, Wei En Tiong
  • Logistics Director: Kelly Yong
  • General Representatives: Loh Ying, Edgar Leong, Crystal Lee, Isabelle Lee, Kyra Jay, Marcus Wong, Nurin Adibah, Qian Ting Zhang, Abdul Azim, Sebastian Chu, Isqandar Zulqarnain

We’d also like to bid farewell to the outgoing MSO Committee of 2019 and wish the new committee all the best moving forward.