The MSO membership comes with a variety of benefits with our events as well as with our sponsors. These range from free entries into our events as well as an entitlement to free food, entertainment and prizes during those events that we host. Bearing the MSO membership will grant you a set of privileges with our lovely sponsors. Click here to check out our past sponsors from 2020!

The membership will only be active until the 1st of February 2023. Thus individuals whom have held an MSO membership in the previous year must renew it for the current year. Please note that we offer 2 types of memberships: In-Person Memberships and Virtual Memberships. The cost of membership are shown in the table below. For your convenience, registration and renewal may be done on-site at our booth during events or online.

ANU studentsNon-ANU students
In-Person Membership$8 per year/$5 per semester$10 per year/$7 per semester
Virtual Membership$4 per year/$3 per semester$5 per year/$4 per semester
Membership Fees

The online registration is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Fill out the registration form here.
  2. Deposit the the registration fee via bank transfer :
    • Bank Transfer:
      –   BSB: 062903
      –   Account Number: 10666471
      –   Payee Name: MSO
      –   Reference: <Your University ID>
  3. Attach a screenshot of the bank transfer confirmation page in the registration form earlier and click the submit button.

For in-person membership, there are two ways to collect your MSO physical membership card: attend our physical events and let us know so that we can pass it to you directly or contact us via email ( or Facebook to schedule a time to pick up your card from us! For virtual membership, we will email your virtual card to the email you registered within 5 business days. Please refer to our Facebook feed for the latest information regarding future appearances in events on campus.